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The perfect experience for the cat lover who has everything!

If you love animals, but find cuddling meerkats and feeding monkeys and red pandas too tame and want something with a bit more oomph, then why not have a go at this fantastic experience where you get up close and personal with the King of the Jungle and his mates and feed the big cats by hand.

There aren’t many zoos or wildlife parks that let you get close enough to feed their big cats by hand, but it’s an thrill well worth enjoying to appreciate the amazing size and power of these wild beasts from right up close. And we’ve pulled them all together in one place for you, with this comprehensive list automatically updated by the minute to show all the very latest big cat feeding opportunities.

This means too that our prices are updated in real time, so you know you’re getting the very best prices available on the net.

This week’s top offer for feeding big cats

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Our next 5 favourite lion-feeding experiences

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Breakfast, brunch or tea with big cats

At Paradise wildlife park in Hertfordshire, you can eat while looking out over some beautiful tigers, and learn more about them with a nice talk. The price includes entrance to the park and a small meal, but you don’t get really close to the animals unlike the feeding or encounter experiences.

Choose one of these if you don’t want to spend too much. However we’d recommend feeding the lions etc above, which you can get for not much more. It’s really worth the extra money.

Breakfast with big cats

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Brunch with a tiger

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Tea with a tiger

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Big cat encounter

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Feed the big cats experience review

The main centre for hand-feeding the big cats is Paradise Wildlife Park at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, but other zoos may be added from time to time so check the list above.

Paradise Park is a fantastic wildlife resource where they really care for their animals and the animals appreciate this by staying happy and healthy. There’s none of the dirty, cramped zoo-cages here, so you’ll really love the surroundings and welcome the knowledge and enthusiasm of the keepers.

You’ll get free admission to the wildlife park for the whole day of your experience, and there are plenty of fascinating animals to see, so you’ll have a busy day, that’s for sure. You can take friends with you to film your big cat exploits, but be aware that they will pay normal admission prices.

About half an hour before the scheduled feeding time, you’ll make your way to the big cat enclosure to meet your keeper who’ll give you the low down on the big cats and instructions on how to feed them safely without becoming part of the dinner yourself.

Then it’s into action and away you go, serving dinner to the mighty beast. And we can tell you it’s quite something to get so close you can feel his whiskers, feel his breath and hear him purring just like your moggy back at home. But louder. Much much louder!

It’s often said that the keepers make the experience almost as much as the big cats do, and they will make sure you have a fantastic time and find out all the secrets of the real life of the big cats.

Don’t forget the photos and videos, and it does help to have a friend with you to record it all for Youtube – and if you send us your video, we might even put it up on here for you! But in any case, come back and leave a comment to let us know how much you enjoyed your day with the lions and tigers and big cats galore.

A word of advice: because of high demand, these very popular experiences are often cheaper midweek than at the weekend, so if you can make a midweek outing of it, then you should save yourself a few pounds. Check out the prices above for the details.

An experience to remember

Wondering how close you can get to the cats? This video shows you a guest feeding a tiger on this experience day! As you can see, it’s pretty much feeding the cats with a big chopstick through a fence, but you don’t want to get any closer – remember these cats aren’t tame,

You can feel the lions’ breath and hear their low rumbling purrs – how’s that for a big cat experience to remember?

Author: Jo at animal experiences

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